Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Tips For Effective Studying

Bisola Akinyemi is currently helping his oldest daughter prepare for life in college, having worked closely with her in the past so that she could become an honor student in high school. He has passed on many tips for effective studying to her over the years, with all of the below being ideal for those who find revising for exams particularly difficult.

Create Schedules
You should be aware of the subjects that you struggle with and it is always a good idea to create schedules that regulate how long you will study and what subjects you’ll focus on. Have this schedule written up in some place that you can see it, as this will make you much more likely to follow it. Remember that studying little and often produces better results than trying to cram.

The Right Area

Where you study is almost as important as what you study, so it is important to make sure that your study area is free of distractions and comfortable for working in. Take a little bit of time to create an area that works well for you, but don’t make creating your study area such a priority that it leads to procrastination from the actual studying.

Work With Others

Bisola Akinyemi advises his daughter to seek other opinions when she is struggling with a subject. While the bulk of your studying should be done alone, by having the occasional group session you will get to find out what others think about a subject and may be able to call on them for help if needed.