Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Entrepreneur Tips for Beginners

Bisola Akinyemi has developed a curiosity for entrepreneurship, something that happened when he decided his dream was to start his own Human Resources firm. He has learned since the fruition of this dream that it takes more than desire to grow a business. He has also learned that just because you understand the field of a business that you are starting, does not mean you can successfully run a business. With a bit of hard work and research however, Akinyemi has learned a few strategies that help to make a successful entrepreneur.

  • One important part of being an entrepreneur is not being afraid to take risks. Not only is it exciting to see a plan in execution, risk is often necessary in business to grow.
  • Another good practice is to maintain an idea journal. You should carry this journal with you at all times so that you can write down any good ideas that may occur to you.
  • Network. This is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have. Building a big and versatile network is valuable for building a business and expanding brand influence.
  • Be open to advice. One of the worst things that a business owner can do is not listen to the advice or critiques of others. Don’t assume that you know everything about your business.

Bisola Akinyemi has accumulated the experience and done the research to help him understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. While he still has much to learn, adhering to the basic rules above will help him to succeed.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Earning a Master’s While Working

Bisola Akinyemi enrolled officially in a local business school in San Jose while working for his former company, a move that was praised by his superiors. He didn’t have travel far to attend the school and got the education he needed to found his own business one day in the area. Akinyemi has been working for the property management company for over a year in the human resources department. During his time there, he came under the wing of the owner, who encouraged him to learn as much about the business as he could and taught him a few tricks she learned from running the business for decades. She also encouraged him to go back to school for additional training in business basics. It was then that Akinyemi decided to make the jump and attend business classes.

When Bisola Akinyemi met the company’s owner, she saw potential in him. She worked with him to create opportunities for him to gain the experience and on-the-job skillset that she knew he needed to be successful running his own business. Akinyemi is extremely grateful to her for the opportunities she afforded him and the growing responsibilities she has entrusted to him during his time with the company. The owner knew that Akinyemi worked hard and wanted a chance to give back to his community, so she helped him add skills and experience to his resume. Bisola Akinyemi has big plans for his future, and his work with his former company has helped him achieve those goals.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - The Importance of Quality Education

Bisola Akinyemi is a human resources professional who is passionate about the work he gets to do for local companies that sell products and services all over the world. He has more than ten years of professional experience in the field, as well has multiple degrees that have no doubt prepared him for the responsibilities that come with a career in his industry. He is now a business owner who provides San Jose-area businesses with skilled HR personnel.

The importance of a solid education, graduate or undergraduate, cannot be overstressed in the present professional industry. In competitive industries like human resources, which consists multinational companies all over the world, it is almost impossible to be successful without at least an undergraduate degree. Getting a college education is becoming almost mandatory for individuals looking to have a fruitful career as a professional, no matter the industry they choose. However, those willing to go the extra step and obtain a graduate degree, earn themselves even more of a chance to become successful. Companies are looking for employees that enter into the workforce with experience, or at least prepared for the responsibilities they will be given in the professional world. Not only will college prepare you for these responsibilities, but it will also give you a leg up on the competition in the field.

Bisola Akinyemi is an expert when it comes to the human resources field, and he owes it to his graduate and undergraduate educations. He worked hard to be able to enter the human resources world prepared, and gain the professional experience needed to start a business of his own.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Gaining Valuable Experience

Bisola Akinyemi worked for over a decade as an HR manager for a local property management company based in San Jose, where Akinyemi moved in 1999 with his family from Houston. The Akinyemis moved to California for better economic and educational opportunities for their children. Akinyemi was the first to take advantage of that choice all those years ago, earning a Master’s degree with honors from the local community college. Akinyemi worked for the company while he earned his degree, getting a double dose of enriching experience that would later help in the formation of his own business.

Bisola Akinyemi loved working for his last company because it was a responsible company run in a compassionate and considerate way. The owner always that she wanted to found a company that would be known for its excellent customer service that is also extended to that of her own employees. Bisola Akinyemi loves to tell people he worked for the famous property management company because it has built a brand on helping their tenants and employees solve their various issues and live in beautiful San Jose worry-free.

Bisola Akinyemi helped the company by performing steadily in the human resources department and keeping records and communications organized and in professional working order. He hopes to use his experience helping the company stay on track to build his own business in San Jose. So far, his company has done well in its first five years of operations.