Monday, 18 April 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Improve Your HR Skills

Bisola Akinyemi has been actively trying to improve his Human Resources abilities ever since he got started in the field. That is because he knows that to be successful in any discipline you can’t be complacent. It is important to always keep learning and growing, no matter the field. Below is a list of a few ways that you can improve your own HR skills and wow others in the office:

Get Some Mentors. Having a good set of mentors is one of the best ways to learn quickly. A study by the University of Virginia and Harvard found that people with three or more mentors are more likely to get promoted than those with less than three.

Search for Quality. If you are an HR leader, don’t just hire the least expensive candidate. Look for a good value that balances quality with cost. It will pay off in the end.

Avoid Turnover. Losing one of your best performers can be far more devastating than you think. A good HR leader wants to give incentive to top performers to stick around, no matter the costs.

Get Involved. Publishing an article on the discipline of HR can help establish a strong reputation as well as help you learn more about the field.

Bisola Akinyemi has been doing his best to improve his HR abilities since he began working in the field. He has learned that the difference between a good and bad Human Resources leader is all about the effort you put forth.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Communication in the Workplace

Bisola Akinyemi has been working as a professional in the field of Human Resources for many years. He has been working diligently to improve the relationship between employer and employees within the businesses he works for. One thing that he has observed over the course of his career is that communication breakdowns are a common source of problems in the workplace.

It is no surprise that communication issues tend to hamper productivity in a workplace. If nobody is voicing their opinions, delegating tasks, or instructing employees on proper procedure, a workplace can quickly become a nightmare. That is why clear and open communication is key to a good employer/employee relationship, as well as a successful business.

When communication breaks down, often the productivity of employees goes with it. There is a delicate balance of what the employer needs, and what the employee needs. It is HR’s job to find and maintain that balance, something that can be done best by establishing clear and consistent communication.

When employers and employees actively and frequently voice and discuss concerns in a receptive and open manner, problems are easier to solve. It is when management does not listen to or respect employees, or vice versa, that communication breaks down and problems arise.

Bisola Akinyemi has often instructed employers and employees on the importance of clear and consistent communication. While it is not always easy to talk and listen in a productive manner, with practice, empathy, and consideration for others, it can be accomplished without excess effort.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - How to Build a Brand

One of the things that Bisola Akinyemi has been looking into ever since he decided he wanted to open his own business, is how to build a brand. A brand is important because it represents ideals, a standard of quality, and an expectation for consumers. Most importantly, a brand established trust. Trust is one of the most important things to earn in any business. Getting the consumers trust is no easy task however, and requires good brand building and customer service. Here are a few ways to help build a brand that customers can trust:
  • Listen to Feedback. One of the worst things a business owner can do is assume he or she knows everything. The customer is always right for a reason, so listen carefully to all of their input.
  • Scrupulous Spending. Staying within a budget is especially important for newer businesses. You can’t afford to spend unwisely early on, so don’t.
  • Understand the Industry. One mistake that many aspiring entrepreneurs make is assuming they can learn about an industry in a matter of months. Just because others are making money in an industry does not mean you can. Know the industry you are getting into.
  • Go Above and Beyond. This is the most important for building a brand. If you continue to wow customers and give them more than they expect, your business will grow.
Bisola Akinyemi has learned how valuable it is to grow a brand in order to have a successful business. That is why he continues to study methods to build a business brand.