Friday, 27 May 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Using Social Media To Improve Your Brand

Bisola Akinyemi’s increasing interest in digital marketing has led to him working with social media sites in order to gain exposure for his business and improve his branding. This is often difficult for those who are not tech-savvy, but failure to take advantage of social media means your business misses out on an important potential customer base. These tips should help anybody improve their brand using such sites.

Interact Constantly
Social media offers your customers the chance to speak to your company directly in a way that may not be possible via any other method. Furthermore, such interactions are often public due to the nature of social media, which makes it all the more important to respond when a customer interacts with you. Make it a point to regularly check your social media pages so that you don’t fall behind and create unhappy customers.

Share Valuable Content
Consider your social media pages to be an extension of your website and other marketing materials by using them to share important information to your followers. Inform them of any offers that you may have available and try to create content that gives people a reason to keep engaging with your pages.

Understand Each Network
Bisola Akinyemi has come to understand that each social network that is available to him offers something a little different from a marketing perspective. The tactics that you use on Twitter will differ from those you use on Pinterest, so it is important to take a bit of time to understand each social network that you use so that your marketing is more effective.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Tips For Effective Studying

Bisola Akinyemi is currently helping his oldest daughter prepare for life in college, having worked closely with her in the past so that she could become an honor student in high school. He has passed on many tips for effective studying to her over the years, with all of the below being ideal for those who find revising for exams particularly difficult.

Create Schedules
You should be aware of the subjects that you struggle with and it is always a good idea to create schedules that regulate how long you will study and what subjects you’ll focus on. Have this schedule written up in some place that you can see it, as this will make you much more likely to follow it. Remember that studying little and often produces better results than trying to cram.

The Right Area

Where you study is almost as important as what you study, so it is important to make sure that your study area is free of distractions and comfortable for working in. Take a little bit of time to create an area that works well for you, but don’t make creating your study area such a priority that it leads to procrastination from the actual studying.

Work With Others

Bisola Akinyemi advises his daughter to seek other opinions when she is struggling with a subject. While the bulk of your studying should be done alone, by having the occasional group session you will get to find out what others think about a subject and may be able to call on them for help if needed.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Reasons Why Family Is Important

Bisola Akinyemi is a family man and there are few things he enjoys more in this world than coming back home to his wife and three daughters so that he can spend some quality time with them. There are many reasons why family is important, no matter who you are, so keep all of the below in mind at all times.

They Provide Support

It is almost impossible to live a life without any sort of trouble and family is always the first place that people turn when they are going through difficulties in their lives. The bonds that you have created with your family members are strong enough to give you the support that you need to get past your most troubling of times, allowing you to rebound and continue living your life.

They Offer Guidance

Making decisions is difficult at the best of times and many of us need a little bit of help so that we make the choices that will be in the best interests of everybody around us. A strong family unit allows you to share the burden of such decisions, ensuring that you have the benefit of multiple opinions so that you can stay on the right track and make better choices in your life.


Bisola Akinyemi loves his family unconditionally and it is this that makes them such a strong unit. Good families love each other through thick and thin, recognizing the importance of each family member even during times when they may not agree with each other on certain issues.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Tips For Packing Light

As a regular traveler, Bisola Akinyemi has become adept at packing light to make sure that his journeys are as easy as possible. Keeping your case as light as possible takes a lot of discipline and is no easy task for those who are used to having the luxury of taking everything that they want with them on their trips. These pointers should help anybody who is struggling.

Make A List

Before you start packing your case, make a list of everything that you want to take with you. Once this is completed, revise the list and get rid of any items that you don’t actually need on the trip. For example, some toiletries may be removed, such as soap or shampoo, as hotels tend to provide these to their customers. This way, you’ll keep perfect track of what is actually going into your case.

Wear Heavy Clothing

It is best to wear any heavy clothing, such as sweaters or boots, while you are travelling, rather than packing them into your case. Though this may lead to a little bit of discomfort when you are on the plane or in the car, it still helps to keep the weight of your case down while also ensuring that you have such clothes available if you need them.

Pack Wrinkle-Resistant Clothes

Bisola Akinyemi finds that he sometimes struggles with packing light when he is taking clothes that wrinkle easily. By taking items made using wrinkle-resistant fabric, you will be able to pack items tighter and leave yourself more space in the suitcase.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Improve Your HR Skills

Bisola Akinyemi has been actively trying to improve his Human Resources abilities ever since he got started in the field. That is because he knows that to be successful in any discipline you can’t be complacent. It is important to always keep learning and growing, no matter the field. Below is a list of a few ways that you can improve your own HR skills and wow others in the office:

Get Some Mentors. Having a good set of mentors is one of the best ways to learn quickly. A study by the University of Virginia and Harvard found that people with three or more mentors are more likely to get promoted than those with less than three.

Search for Quality. If you are an HR leader, don’t just hire the least expensive candidate. Look for a good value that balances quality with cost. It will pay off in the end.

Avoid Turnover. Losing one of your best performers can be far more devastating than you think. A good HR leader wants to give incentive to top performers to stick around, no matter the costs.

Get Involved. Publishing an article on the discipline of HR can help establish a strong reputation as well as help you learn more about the field.

Bisola Akinyemi has been doing his best to improve his HR abilities since he began working in the field. He has learned that the difference between a good and bad Human Resources leader is all about the effort you put forth.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Communication in the Workplace

Bisola Akinyemi has been working as a professional in the field of Human Resources for many years. He has been working diligently to improve the relationship between employer and employees within the businesses he works for. One thing that he has observed over the course of his career is that communication breakdowns are a common source of problems in the workplace.

It is no surprise that communication issues tend to hamper productivity in a workplace. If nobody is voicing their opinions, delegating tasks, or instructing employees on proper procedure, a workplace can quickly become a nightmare. That is why clear and open communication is key to a good employer/employee relationship, as well as a successful business.

When communication breaks down, often the productivity of employees goes with it. There is a delicate balance of what the employer needs, and what the employee needs. It is HR’s job to find and maintain that balance, something that can be done best by establishing clear and consistent communication.

When employers and employees actively and frequently voice and discuss concerns in a receptive and open manner, problems are easier to solve. It is when management does not listen to or respect employees, or vice versa, that communication breaks down and problems arise.

Bisola Akinyemi has often instructed employers and employees on the importance of clear and consistent communication. While it is not always easy to talk and listen in a productive manner, with practice, empathy, and consideration for others, it can be accomplished without excess effort.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - How to Build a Brand

One of the things that Bisola Akinyemi has been looking into ever since he decided he wanted to open his own business, is how to build a brand. A brand is important because it represents ideals, a standard of quality, and an expectation for consumers. Most importantly, a brand established trust. Trust is one of the most important things to earn in any business. Getting the consumers trust is no easy task however, and requires good brand building and customer service. Here are a few ways to help build a brand that customers can trust:
  • Listen to Feedback. One of the worst things a business owner can do is assume he or she knows everything. The customer is always right for a reason, so listen carefully to all of their input.
  • Scrupulous Spending. Staying within a budget is especially important for newer businesses. You can’t afford to spend unwisely early on, so don’t.
  • Understand the Industry. One mistake that many aspiring entrepreneurs make is assuming they can learn about an industry in a matter of months. Just because others are making money in an industry does not mean you can. Know the industry you are getting into.
  • Go Above and Beyond. This is the most important for building a brand. If you continue to wow customers and give them more than they expect, your business will grow.
Bisola Akinyemi has learned how valuable it is to grow a brand in order to have a successful business. That is why he continues to study methods to build a business brand.