Sunday, 21 February 2016

Bisola Akinyemi - Promising Job Outlook for Human Resource Personnel

Bisola Akinyemi is a business owner and human resources professional who runs a third-party HR personnel service in San Jose. He moved to the area in 1999 from Houston and worked in the human resources department of a real estate firm. The general manager of the company said that Akinyemi would be moving up very soon due to his skillset he has demonstrated in the human resources department, which he has honed over time working under a few of the most skilled employees in the company.

The job outlook for human resource professionals in this economy is favorable. Businesses expect to need more human resources personnel to accommodate employment growth as the companies grow and bring in more clients and customers. Skilled HR personnel who can handle payroll, employee benefits, resolve internal issue and more will be in high demand in the coming years. Bisola Akinyemi has a bright future as a leading source of skilled HR personnel for local businesses. As businesses grow and run into more legislation and regulation, HR personnel will be more important in the future.

Bisola Akinyemi had cemented his role in the leadership and expansion of the past company, and relishes his opportunity to be a part of that expansion and get the opportunities he needed to make his own business succeed. Now with his business in its fifth year of operations, he knows the value of getting quality experience in the early phase of a career.